Internet diet menu — to get more benefit from the Internet

Internet is an inevitable thing for almost every aspect of our life. Ten years ago, it might be that none of us could imagine the world that we are living now where the disruption of the internet and digital things are so massive. From A to Z, since waking up in the morning to sleep at night, we might get engaged with our smartphone more than to our spouse.

Why the so-called internet thing is really addictive for us? For you whose had viewed the ‘Social dilemma’ documentary that released by Netflix a months ago, you might know that the internet is working as per logic that injected to ‘their’ system. They are working to find what is the ‘best’ for us, based on our ‘history’, for every activity that we do at their platform, they will consume it, perceive it, and turn it into an insight that could be a baseline to take the next step. Is it bad? Some might said ‘yes’, but looking at the different perspective this kind of algorithm might have more benefit for us if we can control it more than they control us. The research from the University of Oxford even found that the ‘moderate use of screen time can be good for your health’. This study found that children who spend one to two hours by engaging with television-based and gadget-based activities are more likely to demonstrate a higher level of ‘psychosocial’ functioning than the children who do not.

As human nature, we will be attached to something that attracts us. Then it will be totally understandable if we get addicted to the content provided by — say, Instagram or TikTok, anything you name it. Even I can say, it will be weird if you are not attached to something that builds to attract you in the first place. This level of attractiveness undeniably sometimes can disrupt your work and your real social life, and this is the bad effect that we actually can control by ourselves. Through controlling our digital behaviour, we will gain more benefit than the loss.

Set a maximum time to allow yourself scrolling around the social media/any digital services. — For you who already got addicted to scrolling the social media, you might have to start setting a maximum time to allows yourself to freely scrolling, rather than setting the minimum time to stop your daily scrolling. But this might be hard if we still get a curiosity over any notification that popped up to our devices. Below tips might be helpful for you:

  1. Turn of all social media and non-communication notification (B2C platform, game, etc)
  2. Have a separate email for an important membership (School/Work related) and non-essentials (game membership etc)
  3. Turn off some non-essentials group notification (eg high school group. etc)

Immediately placed your devices out of your reach after you reach the maximum time. — For example, put a charger far from your reach. This tips can push you to away from your devices for a while, and you can focus on your work.

Open your device only when you need it. — Needs will be never the same as wants. You shall only open your device when you need it. Open it at the time that you have set it up to open your social media. Let your brain eradicate the urgent feeling to open your social media. Especially to something that not related to your daily goals. This might difficult at first but it will be very easy after 3 days — at least. Push yourself to do some physical activities such as playing music, gardening, cooking, cleaning the house, etc. These physical activities will help your brain to forget your virtual activities for a while :)

Uninstall some application when it feels overwhelming to you. — This is the ‘hard’ stop to start decreasing your addiction to the internet. When you feel you are being overwhelmed with something that only happened on your phone, it is an alert. You have to let your soul and body take a step back and have a rest. Let your heart connected with the real vibes surrounding you. Take a rest and planned a better ‘diet’ for your internet addiction.

The internet was initially created to help human to ease their work. Thus, if we feel that the internet started to disrupt our real-life rather than helping it, we have to start to do some ‘diet’ activity from the internet in order to reverse it to the initial goals — helping us to do our daily activities.

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